Look into the clouds…


Look into the clouds

Cloud Computing

Cloud computing has become the “Phrase du jour”!  Many people want to know what is the cloud and what is the new concept that it is bringing.  Sincerely like the web 2.0 the cloud has many definitions and every professional has their own idea about what the cloud is and how it works.  Even in Mauritius some IT professionals do not really have a very good idea about how the cloud is and what is it’s basic concept.

However we here at OpenIT we did our research and we design something that we believe will help you understand the concept better.  My personal advice would be not to stress yourself too much if you still cannot understand the concept of the CLOUD.  This is because the cloud is still at an early stage and everyone knows that  from mobile phones to complex software their early years have always been somewhat chaotic and hard to understand.  That is why OpenIT team believes that since that pictures speak louder than words so here is a nice picture of the cloud:

And the following picture depicts the various advantages associated with cloud computing:

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