Quick ways to boost your cell phone reception

Quick ways to boost your cell phone reception

Anyone who has owned a cell phone or has used one has definitely been through the problem of no network or weak reception. Such a situation makes conversation almost impossible. There are times of emergency when the reliability your phone is of utmost importance – for example, when your car breaks down and you need immediate help and attention, or when there’s been an accident and you need to call for help. So when there is a problem of no network in such cases, it becomes almost impossible to get any assistance.

In this new technological era, not having a cell phone is something that most of us can’t comprehend and having poor network is akin to not having a cell phone at all. But what do you do when your reception decides to act up at the most desperate of times?

Listed below are 5 quick ways to boost your cell phone reception:

1. A piece of wire

A simple and cheap method, all you will need is a ruler, an insulated wire, skewer and a wire cutter. Cut the wire to a length of almost 20 cm and bend it close to 5cm at a right angle. You have to bend part of the wire in such a manner that it forms a number of curls. After removing the rubber plug, insert the wire and your work is done.

2. Use empty cans

The use of empty cans to boost the battery of a phone is a common technique. First, make a perfect cylinder by opening both ends of the can. Join 2 such cans and close one side of the joined can. Make a hole in the can’s surface and create an antenna by using the copper wire which will have to be inside, shut the can and screw in the wire.

3. Paper clip antenna

Here, the external rubber jack will be used. Open it and bend a paper clip. Then, make a 90-degree angle with it. Put the end inside the jack and stick the other part of the pin to the cell phone by using cello tape.

4. Tesla coil effect

Use a tape with twist-ties which should have metal in it. Wrap it on the antenna of the phone and use the tape to tape it down. This will improve network connectivity and is one of the simplest methods that can be tried.

5. Change the network

If you do not want to put in any effort, then you should go to your network options given in your cell phone and change the option from auto to manual. Search for networks that are available and switch to one that is strong.

These simple methods have been tried and tested and can increase network connectivity by at least 1 to 2 levels. Try them out and see which works best for you.



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