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LIght FIdelity (LIFI)    vs      WIreless FIdelity (WIFI)   Understanding LIFI Everyone as usual is creating a lot of noise around LIFI ; is it really worth??  I dnt understand something we are already one decade in the 21st Century  and we are still surprised whenever a new technology is born! Why?? There is nothing to [...]

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Congratulations to Open IT Mag


CONGRATULATIONS TO OPEN IT MAG It is by far the best news that we have heard since the creation of the First Free IT Online magazine in Mauritius.  Open IT Mag has been nominated for the competition  “ Young IT Specialist Award 2011”  organized by the British Computer Society. Note that Mr Vikash Chundunsing CEO [...]

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MALWARE MALWARE, short for MALicious SoftWARE, is any computer program or file that is harmful to a computer and to its user. It is harmful to the computer since it consists of programming codes, scripts and active contents that have been intentionally designed to disrupt or deny operations, gather information that leads to loss of [...]

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