Being a section of the Human Resource Management, an interview is somewhat a formal meeting between the interviewer and the interviewee. So, an interview is like a formal conversation between the hirer, that is, the person who is actually hiring an individual for a specific post, and the candidate, in which information is exchanged, where questions are being asked by the interviewer, with the intention of establishing the candidate or applicant’s suitability for the position.

Purpose of an interview:

  • For an interviewee, there are three main purposes of the interview, namely:
    • To communicate information about the candidate and about the qualifications and skills, as well as the experience and abilities the candidate posses that suit the job.
    • To seek further and appropriate information about the job, as well as about the organization
    • To evaluate the match between your needs and what the job offers


  • The main purpose of the interview for the interviewer is to gather maximum information about the candidate about the following topics:
    • Interview preparation: Interest in and knowledge of the position and about the organization.
    • Communication skills: Oral communication skills and the ability to interact with others. In this case the body language and the facial expression of the candidate also play an important role.
    • Qualifications: The academic qualifications and the skills and experience.
    • Leadership potential and teamwork: An interview shall be able to assess the potential of a candidate in working in a team environment and the capability to lead a team as well.
    • Clear and realistic goals: The interviewer shall be able to assess whether the applicant has realistic future goals about the career and is aware of the career paths.
    • Motivation: It is important to know if the interviewee is enthusiastic about the work, as it will be the motivation and enthusiasm of the candidate that will enable him to do his work properly.




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