Repetitive Strain Injury – RSI

Repetitive Strain Injury – RSI

Repetitive Strain Injury, which can also be referred to as Repetitive Stress Injury, is an umbrella term for a number of specific injuries caused by the repeated movement of a particular part of the body. Specifically, Repetitive Strain Injury is known as an occupational overuse syndrome that affects nerves tendons and muscles.

There has been a recent exacerbation of Repetitive Strain Injury cases with the advent of the computer into the mainstream society. This most famous type of RSI Injury is known as Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. Sufferers of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome will often get disabling pain and feel a tingling in the thumb and the first two fingers after having developed sheaths that cover muscle tendons which in turn swell increasing pressure on the nerves causing the sufferer pain.

Repetitive Strain Injury is, thus, the collective name for physical disorders that arise from continual use of equipment, such as computer keyboard and mouse, involving quick movements of fingers, hands and wrists that can damage their (as well as those of neck and shoulder) muscles, tendons and nerves. Several symptoms such as aching, cracking, numbness, pain, swelling, tingling, lost of joint movement, loss of strength and diminishing coordination of the injured area may come and go before becoming chronic. The patient must stop the activity causing any such symptom and seek immediate medical attention, because a difference of a day or two can mean the difference between a quick recovery and a long, drawn-out ordeal.


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