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Gizmo – The Rise of the Machines

Terminator 9

Mobile Phones – what an invention? Amazing invention, but mobile phones remain nonetheless a radio, however sophisticated it may seem but it is still a radio. Let me guide you through the evolution of mobile phones, but before I would like to mention that their evolution did not take centuries like it did for Humans.  [...]

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Gizmo Itself…

Animals Funny_Are We Having Fun Yet

Good lord do you believe it many people like my article unfortunately they could not record their comments else I would have got so many positive comments as other articles received.  But some complained that my article was too long so are they insinuating that I talk too much????  Ok since am a STAR now [...]

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Hi all Hello welcome you to this section of the magazine which will talk about the real IT.  I am Gizmo and to be honest I don’t know what to write especially about IT.  It is those guys who have forced me to write in their IT magazine!! Fioufff as if they are launching the [...]

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