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LAPTOPS AND ERYTHEMA AB IGNE Laptop Computers, by nature, can go anywhere.And when users log on, they often rest their laptops on their laps. This may even be how you are actually this article right now. If so you may want to consider moving the laptop off your skin. Erythema ab igne is a skin [...]

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MALWARE MALWARE, short for MALicious SoftWARE, is any computer program or file that is harmful to a computer and to its user. It is harmful to the computer since it consists of programming codes, scripts and active contents that have been intentionally designed to disrupt or deny operations, gather information that leads to loss of [...]

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Security Issues: Malware


Security Issues: Malware Short for Malicious Software, Malware refers to any program codes, scripts or software programs which are designed to disrupt or deny any operations, do any unwanted actions on computer systems, gather information which leads to the loss of privacy or exploitation, gain unauthorized access to the computer system resources, and also abusive [...]

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Firewall. Having the purpose of protecting the resources and information of a private network from the users of other networks, a firewall is either a hardware device or software that is used to inspect packets of data or information into and out of a network. In other words, a firewall is used to restrict the [...]

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Safe e-Shopping


Safe e-Shopping Some people may feel that shopping is meant only for girls and most people will agree to it but not in the case of e-shopping. Well, it’s been very different, in the past years some researches done has demonstrate that there are mostly men who are expert in the field of e-shopping but [...]

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Cyber Crimes

Cyber Crime (1)

An Outlook on Cyber Crimes- A Mauritian Perspective Computers have radically influenced the way we live and the way the world works in this third millennium. It is widely spread in all spheres of life. Everyday living as become easier and technologically advanced decades ago. It has changed the way we work and the way [...]

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Wi-fi Security

Wifi Security

Wi-Fi Security Wi-Fi – wireless networking – is ‘open access’ by default, through which anyone can connect to your network, use it and see everything you do on the internet. But there are some simple changes you can make to the set-up of your wireless router and computer which will make your Wi-Fi private and [...]

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A user’s guide to CCTV Camera


Camera Styles Cameras come in different shapes and sizes. Know that this in itself does not affect the picture quality. The shape rather should be looked at in terms of cosmetics, convenience of installation and camera placement. Two cameras with different housings and similar components should perform no different if constructed properly. Dome Camera Dome [...]

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Computers and Internet

computers and internet

Computers play a great part in our lives; almost everyone knows how to manipulate this device. Almost each and every household has a personal computer also known as PC. Computers connected to an internet connection allow us to do so many tasks; some people use them for work as well as gaming, browsing and so [...]

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