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The ICT sector, albeit a nascent industry a few years ago, is now the third pillar of the Mauritian economy with a GDP contribution nearing 6.8%, a turnover of $1 billion and directly employing more than 16,000 people with flow-on benefits for many more. Acknowledging the proven capacity of ICT to become an even more [...]

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Samsung Galaxy SIII


Smart thinking Find out how the Samsung Galaxy S III understands us Smart Stay With the innovative Smart Stay feature, GALAXY S III automatically recognises when you are looking at the phone, whether it is to read an e-book or browse the web. The front camera looks deep into your eyes and maintains a bright [...]

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New virtualization solns to simplify workload movement

The HP solutions are claimed to offer more flexible mobility of virtual machines and data services across the enterprise HP has announced new virtualization software solutions that simplify, automate and secure the movement of virtual machines (VMs) and data in cloud environments, providing companies with increased agility for addressing dynamic market opportunities. In legacy infrastructures, [...]

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The Iameco


The Iameco (pronounced ‘I am eco’) device has been designed by an Irish firm called MicroPro, which is set to officially launch the device in September at the Electronics Goes Green conference in Berlin.

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From Hotmail.com to Outlook.com


From Hotmail.com to Outlook.com   Hundred of users have been using hotmail which hasn’t changed much in years. Hotmail launched in 1996 as one of the first free, advertising-supported Web email services. At the beginning of 1998, Microsoft announced it bought Hotmail and has operated it since. Microsoft’s goal is to update the product by [...]

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Nokia 808 PureView


Nokia 808 Pure View Revolutionary How good can a pixel be? With its groundbreaking 41MP image quality, Carl Zeiss lens, and PureView imaging technology, you’ll take the best photos ever with a smartphone. For example, when you want a 5MP photo, PureView packs the goodness of 7 pixels into 1 for sharp, clear, and ready [...]

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Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Expert Systems

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Artificial Intelligence and Expert Systems Artificial Intelligence Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a recognized discipline within computer science. It attempts to design software (sometimes with associate hardware) that behaves in a way that, if it were human behavior, would be described as “intelligent”. Therefore, Artificial Intelligence is the branch of computer science concerned with making computers [...]

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Databases A database is a collection of data that has to be organized in such a way that it makes searching easy, as well as it can enable the user or the database administrator to easily access, manage and update the data stored in a particular database. In one view, databases can be classified according [...]

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iPhone 5 The most awaited product for the diehard fans of the Apple products is the 5th generation of the iPhone, which is on the verge to be released. The launching date of this product is expected to be in the debut mid of the year 2012. Many fans and current Apple iPhone consumers are [...]

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Online Analytical Processing Short for Online Analytical Processing, OLAP is a category of software tools that provides analysis of data stored in a database. OLAP tools enable users to analyze different dimension of multidimensional data. For example, it provides time series and trend analysis views. OLAP often is used in data mining. The chief component of [...]

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